A fair immigration system that benefits our country

More people means more money

To get the best from Brexit the government should set up a dedicated pot of money that goes to communities who have growing populations for whatever reason. It’s only fair that local schools, house-building projects, healthcare providers and police forces get the money they need for a growing number of people.

Time and again UK governments have failed to support communities – Brexit is a chance for them to step up to the plate.


The Right to Stay

The government must guarantee that law-abiding EU citizens who came to the UK to live and work before the referendum are allowed to stay. That way the 1 million Brits living in Europe will be spared uncertainty around their future.

It’s unacceptable that the government hasn’t committed to this already. Families are scared of being deported and workers are being left in the dark.

People who moved from Europe to the UK take care of you when you're ill in hospital and educate your children in schools. It would be madness to say we don't want them because the truth is we need them.


Don’t say no to what we need

A Smart Brexit plan must never turn away workers from abroad if businesses and services here in the UK need them – that would be madness.

Engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors - you name it we don’t have enough. Of course the government should be doing more to train British people in these jobs but if we need somebody to do a job we should never turn them away.


Overseas students

If the government is serious about getting the best from Brexit it should take overseas students out of the overall migration statistics. We should be proud that the UK has some of the best universities in the world. Is it any wonder international students want to study here?

Campuses from Exeter to Newcastle could face cash shortages if we start cutting the number of international students. The tuition fees they pay are vital and mean that universities can grow, offering more places to students here in the UK. International students add to British expertise, start businesses of their own and act as adverts for the UK around the world when they leave.

Any plan to get the best from Brexit should make sure the UK still attracts the best and brightest from around the world


Properly Funding Border Control

At the moment the UK spends just £28 per person on border controls. To get the best from Brexit the government should increase border control spending so people trust the system and those who use it. The vast majority of people who move to the UK from abroad obey UK law, pay their taxes, work hard and make Britain great but we shouldn't scrimp and save on something so important. It's best to be sure. 

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