Fully fund your NHS

A Smart Brexit fully funds the NHS by transferring the money we would usually send the EU into the NHS's bank account. That's potentially £150 million every week for the NHS.

Recently the NHS hasn’t received the extra money it needs. People are getting older and living longer which means there are more people for our over-worked and underpaid doctors and nurses to look after but not enough extra cash. Our doctors and nurses need your support. 

This results in a human cost that can easily be avoided. People being treated like second-class citizens as they're seen to in corridors because there aren’t enough beds. Patients waiting too long between seeing their doctor and treatment. Cancer sufferers being made to wait for life-saving treatment. Those with mental health issues forced to go it alone for months before seeing a councillor. 

It can't go on like this.

Any plan to get the best from Brexit must make sure the NHS is fully funded. If it doesn't they should go back to the drawing board.