Director, Kyle Taylor, responds to todays announcement that prices have risen faster than expected

Responding to the news today that prices are rising faster than expected, Kyle Taylor, Director of Smart Brexit, said:

"Lets be absolutely clear: we’re Brexiting. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goals to keep Britain great afterward.  Brexit is our opportunity to secure people’s jobs, livelihoods and futures.  It’s our opportunity to take the money we were giving the European Union and use it to fully fund our National Health Service which is fighting off crisis after crisis.  And it’s our opportunity to make immigration fair and work in the best interest of Britain.

Today we’ve learned that people’s wages are being eaten up by higher than expected price rises on everyday items like food and fuel. At this rate, it won’t be long before people will be looking in shock at the receipt after going through the checkout on their family shop wondering when it was that prices shot up. Theresa May needs to tell us how she is going to keep prices low after Brexit and she needs to do it soon."


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