Statement from Kyle Taylor, Director of Smart Brexit, on Theresa May's Brexit speech

In a statement following Theresa May's speech on the government's objectives for Brexit, Kyle Taylor, Director of Smart Brexit said:

"If it wasn’t clear to anybody before, it is now: the UK is Brexiting, something Smart Brexit has been saying for months. The Prime Minister’s speech today gave as much detail as we could reasonably expect at this stage before negotiations have begun and we now know the government’s aims – this is all very welcome. We will, though, continue to apply pressure to the government so that their plan secures your job and livelihood and creates a fair immigration system that benefits our country.

However, to really get the best from Brexit we also need a fully funded NHS.

The Prime Minister confirmed that contributions from the UK to the EU will all but stop once we leave – savings of up to £150 million every week. The NHS is fighting off crisis after crisis. Patients with life-threatening conditions are waiting on trolleys for hours and staff are at breaking point. This was the perfect opportunity for Theresa May to tell the country that this money will be directly transferred to the NHS’s bank account. She failed to do so. We will push her to make this a commitment as well before negotiations start."

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