Secure your job and livelihood

Workers need work

A Smart Brexit puts protecting your job at the top of the list. To put our country first, the government’s Brexit plan needs to put your livelihood first.

Bankers and businessmen can look after themselves but what about your friends and family who are call centre agents in Leicester, admin staff in Birmingham or on building maintenance crews across our country?

They can’t afford to have their livelihoods put at risk.

The government’s Brexit plan needs to protect your job.

Add your voice and make sure we get the best from Brexit by writing to your local MP too.


More cash for your day’s graft

You probably know someone who’s a care worker, a teacher, a plumber or a nurse.

They work long hours spending their time helping others, making sure they have enough money to pay the bills, or trying to save for a holiday. But for millions it’s too hard because wages in jobs like this have stayed so low for so long.

Life should be more than just getting by. Our Smart Brexit plan is our opportunity to make sure this isn’t a struggle anymore.

Your wages shouldn’t drop as a result of Brexit.

Write to your local MP to make sure your wages are safe.


Staple products at stable prices

Corned beef.

Have you ever noticed how much it costs these days? If you think that corned beef hash is supposed to be a cheap and cheerful meal you’ll probably have a bit of a shock when you get to the checkout. Prices have rocketed in recent years.

If the Government’s Brexit plan isn’t right the price of things like PG Tips, a swift pint at the local, and filling up your tank at the petrol station could leave you just as surprised.  The price of sugar is already on the up, which means that your morning cup of tea is getting dearer.

A Smart Brexit plan needs to guarantee the price of everyday items like gas and electricity, train tickets and even a bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut so you’re not left out of pocket.

We’ve written to every MP in the country asking them to support a Smart Brexit. 

You can add your voice and make sure we get the best from Brexit by writing to your local MP too.  Just put in your postcode here and feel free to use our letter. We need to push the Government to include these goals in any Brexit plan.