Smart Brexit launch crowdfunding campaign to help fully fund your NHS

Theresa May’s 12-point plan, while speaking a great deal to the economy and to immigration, made no mention at all of the NHS.  

This is worrying.  Here at Smart Brexit, we’re aiming to change that by bringing the full range of Brexit and health-related organisations together to negotiate an agreed settlement on NHS funding.

Brexit caused, and still causes, disagreement. But voices from all sides agree with our call that any plan should help fully fund the NHS..  We need your help to achieve this.

Today, we’ve launched our “10 Weeks, £10” campaign to raise £20,000 by February 1st to fight for fully funding our NHS.

If you believe that we should get the best from Brexit, become an Angel Donor.

If you believe that If you believe all EU contributions should be transferred directly to the NHS bank account, become an Angel Donor

If you believe we should put our NHS first, become an Angel Donor

Fortunately, our message - Getting the best from Brexit by setting three common-sense goals: Securing people’s jobs and livelihoods, making immigration fairer and helping to fully fund the NHS - is resonating and our hard work is paying off. In less than a month: 

  • The major opposition party – Labour - has backed our three common-sense goals;
  • The government has made two of these three areas a priority (we’ll be using these funds to push them on the third, fully funding the NHS);
  • Our supporter numbers are approaching 5,000;

Our ability to influence is growing and now is our chance to guarantee funding for the NHS through Brexit.  I need your help.  Lets start 2017 right and push this government to get the best from Brexit.

Join us by becoming an Angel Donor today.