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No time to Lord it up yet.

Storm Dorris might be about to hit land and cause the predictable headlines tomorrow but there was no turbulence yesterday in the passing of the Bill that will allow Theresa May to start our withdrawal from the European Union 

At around 11pm last night, after 190 speeches, the House of Lords passed the Article 50 bill without a vote after two days of debate. As Lord Menzies Campbell - the former Liberal Democrat leader - said, everything that can said had been but not everybody had had the chance to say it. 

Next, the draft legislation will move on to what is called the "Committee Stage" which will start next Monday. Peers will discuss the Bill line by line and table changes to the Bill in the hope of trying to force concessions from the government on issues like the status of UK and EU citizens living on either side of the channel. As it stands we count around 32 amendments have been tabled by Lords on subjects ranging from membership of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), the status of Northern Ireland post-Brexit and our membership of the Single Market. 

The Committee Stage is where the real battle begins for the Government.

Members of the House of Lords are usually pretty good for a memorable quote or two. Conservative peer Lord Dobbs issued a deep burn when he seemed to forget Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's name saying "I was going to say Farage, but he's the one who's well-known'. Our favourite quote of the debate yesterday, however, was the government minister Lord Bridges at the very end of the debate when he caused chuckles by saying: "Finally, whether one voted to leave or remain, we can all agree that, after 20 hours of debate, it is time not to remain but to leave this House and to go to bed."

The bar for humour in the Houses of Parliament is extremely low but these days we could all do with a laugh.

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