Smart Brexit Newswire: Monday 20th February

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The debate over whether the UK should remain a member of the EU was, for years, about the lack of democratic control over Brussels. It has been seen as a collection of wealthy, unelected unknowns passing down laws on millions of people.

Today, then, we're on familiar and comfortable ground as our very own wealthy, unelected, largely unknowns in the House of Lords start to debate the Article 50 bill following its successful passage through the House of Commons. 

The Bill passed the House of Commons without any amendments and surprisingly little drama, putting pressure on the unelected upper House to pass it back to MP post-haste, toute-suite, without delay. 

There's a fly in the ointment though. 

The Government does not have a majority in the House of Lords, they are outnumbered by Labour and Liberal Democrat Peers and as such it is expected that the two paragraph Bill will leave the House of Lords with at least a couple of amendments: the most likely being that the government must secure the rights of EU and UK citizens and that there must be a "meaningful vote" for MPs on the final deal Theresa May negotiates in roughly 18 months.

Tory MPs have been warning that if the Lords tries to block or delay the Bill they will face being abolished - which is ironic given that Conservatives and Labour blocked Lords reform during the Coalition government. 

If we were being cynical - and we are - you might think it was simply an empty threat. Anyway, cue another week of grandiose speeches, Ministers saying Lords should not "frustrate the will of the people", and still absolutely no agreement on what should be happening next.

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