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Who would be a Health Secretary?

We've all been there.

A letter in the post arrives from the bank telling you that you slipped from the black and into the red and you're now in your overdraft.

NHS hospitals got the mother of all overdraft letters today as we found out that they are running a deficit of £886 million in the nine months since the start of this financial year.

Coupled with that the BBC have found that the NHS's Sustainability and Transformation Plans - part of the Health Service's plans to find £22 billion in efficiency savings - will result in hospitals being closed across the country. Of the 44 plans 28 mention that services will be closed down or beds lost.

You may think this is odd at a time when the health and care sectors are struggling to keep their heads above water but the King's Fund - a highly respected health think tank - say that the plans could have positive effects. The idea behind the plans are to close down services that already exist in the wider community, not in an NHS capacity. The organisation says that as conditions like dementia and heart disease become more common, and we grow older as a population, the country needs to provide quality care at home rather than in hospitals in order to secure the NHS's long term future.

All of which leaves Members of Parliament in a tricky spot.

Campaigning to save a hospital or a care centre is one of the easiest issues to campaign on for sitting or wannabe MPs and drums a lot of local support. Will any of them have the bravery to support service closure even if that closure is for a greater good?

This is an issue that will rumble on and on and on and will be the single biggest threat to Theresa May's current popularity.

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