Letter to MPs calls for Smart Brexit

Kyle Taylor, Director of Smart Brexit, has written to Members of Parliament ahead of a debate on Wednesday 7th December in Parliament about the Government's plan for Brexit.

Mr Taylor called on MPs to vote for the Government to publish their Brexit plan and to put pressure on Theresa May to ensure that Smart Brexit's three common-sense goals are at the heart of that plan to make sure we get the best from Brexit.

You can add your voice and make sure we get the best from Brexit by writing to your local MP too. 

Just put in your postcode here and feel free to use our letter below - let us know if you do @smartbrexit

We need to push the Government to include these goals in any Brexit plan.

Letter from Smart Brexit Director, Kyle Taylor to Members of Parliament


Ahead of Wednesday’s Opposition Day Debate - “The Government’s plan for Brexit” - I am writing to ask that you vote for the Government to publish its Brexit plan.

However, we believe the Brexit plan needs to achieve three common-sense goals:

1. It should secure the jobs and livelihoods of your constituents;

2. It should ensure the NHS is fully-funded so your constituents may continue to use it as and when it is required, free at the point of use;

3. It creates a fair immigration system that benefits the country and your local community.

I am therefore asking: will you call on the Government to make these three goals central to any Brexit plan published?

At Smart Brexit we think that we should move past Leave vs Remain and work together to get the best possible deal from Brexit.  It shouldn’t be about hard or soft, it should be about what’s Smart, and we’ll support any plan that guarantees these three things.

We’ll be publishing a list of every Member of Parliament on our website, noting who supports a Smart Brexit, who doesn’t and who has yet to respond.  We’ll also be communicating directly to your constituents about your views on Smart Brexit.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in the future to achieve a Smart Brexit for your constituents.

Best wishes,

Kyle Taylor

P.S. Will you call on the Government to make these three goals - securing jobs, fully funding the NHS and making immigration fair - central to any Brexit plan published? I look forward to hearing back.

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  • commented 2016-12-07 16:21:19 +0000
    I applaud your intent, but your aims are far too vague.

    1. Job security is open to debate. Some argue it is better to retain single market access, others argue it is not value for money and we should trade under WTO rules
    2. Unless you are referring to the possible threat to the NHS from CETA and TTIP, a fully funded NHS is not a matter for Brexit. More pertinent is the discussion about who has access to the NHS, but your aim does not specify this
    3. Define “fair”. This point is far too vague to expect an MP to agree to it

    I agree we need to look beyond Leave and Remain, but we must equally be clear on our expectations of any Brexit deal.