The Labour Party back Smart Brexit - where's the government?

Kyle Taylor, Director of Smart Brexit, responded to the Labour Party’s Brexit announcement today by saying:


“It’s welcome news that the Labour Party are backing a Smart Brexit as we were the only organisation to propose these three common-sense goals months ago – securing people’s jobs and livelihoods, fully-funding the NHS, and a fair immigration system that benefits the country. Within weeks of our launch thousands of people signed up to support our vision of Britain that moves past leave and remain. It’s refreshing that a major political party has stopped scratching its head over Brexit – particularly on the NHS – so now it’s time for May’s government to do the same.



Michael Paul

Director of Communications

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Notes to editors

  1. See Smart Brexit’s three common-sense goals at (published on 18th November 2016).
  2. Kyle Taylor is active on Twitter @KyleTaylor


About Smart Brexit

Smart Brexit was founded in October 2016 and is a fast-growing movement to make sure people get the best from the Government's plan for Brexit. We have three common-sense goals any Brexit plan must meet: 

1.     Secure your job and livelihood
2.     Fully fund your NHS
3.     A fair immigration system that benefits our country

We will support any plan that guarantees these three things.

Smart Brexit is open to both Leave and Remain voters bringing people together to ensure the UK gets the best from Brexit.

Smart Brexit is active through our websiteFacebook, and Twitter.