Why the NHS needs a Smart Brexit

Rising demand, falling wages, missed targets, longest funding squeeze in its history. Just some of the reasons why the NHS needs a Smart Brexit.

Tuesday 27th December was the busiest day in the history of the NHS. This winter a record number of patients flooded our hospitals, GP surgeries, and clinics. Elderly people were left on trolleys in corridors, and young children were stuck in A&E waiting rooms with potentially life-threatening conditions.

Winter has always been a tough time for the NHS but now these signs of crisis are all year round.

The question is: why?

For a start, as well as the number of people using the NHS going up by about 5% every year, the costs of treating those patients are rising too as medical advances mean more expensive treatment. We also have a rapidly growing population of people who are aged over 85 years old. Some of the most expensive treatment is for those who are terminally ill or suffering from multiple conditions. The larger the over 85 population the more these costs go up.

But compared to countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands our health spending per person is pretty low and it's getting lower. Governments usually spend an extra 4% every year on the NHS to cope with this demand but for the last six years it's been around 1% extra a year. Health providers have been under a really big squeeze so you would have thought there'd be a bit of extra cash coming their way.

Well, you'd be wrong.

Guess how much extra funding the government will give the NHS in 2018/19? 


Nil. Zero. Nada.

That's right. After one of the worst years in the NHS's history health spending will stay exactly the same while costs and demand go up - so basically, a funding cut.

Can you imagine how much worse it will get?

All in all, people in the know think there will be a £20 billion black hole in the NHS budget by 2020/21. You’ll find it more difficult than ever to find decent health care when and where you need it.

That’s why we’ve launched our “10 Weeks, £10” campaign to raise £20,000 by February 1st to fight for fully funding our NHS.

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Our ability to influence is growing and now is our chance to guarantee funding for the NHS through Brexit.  We need your help.  

Lets start 2017 right and push this government to get the best from Brexit.